The call list shows answered, dialled and missed calls on your phone. The lists correspond to the call lists on your phone.
The following information is displayed:

  • Name (if stored in your contacts list; possibly also picture) and phone number
  • Date and time of the call
  • Type of call:
    • red: missed call
    • black: accepted call

Internal callers who are logged on to the PBX are indicated by a green dot.

To update the list: 

  • Click on Home.

To clear the list: 

  • Click on 

  • Select Clear.

Starting a call from the list

  • Click on an entry . . . A window opens with information about the call (caller, phone number).
  • Click the Start call on phone button.
  • Pick up the handset . . . The call is connected.

To close the window:

  • Click on X or anywhere outside the window.

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