New in software 1.0.6

The Display format option gives you the possibility to configure how the names (firstname and lastname) of users are being shown inthe idle screen of the phone.

Administrator settings

Administration - System - System settings - Basic settings - Display format

Extensions will display the name according to DISPLAY_FORMAT possible placeholders are "(firstname)" and "(lastname)" and the name is created using sprintf. E.g. a DISPLAY_FORMAT %(firstname)1.1s %(lastname)s will result in sprintf("%1.1s %s",$firstname,$lastname. A placeholder can not be used more than once.


User First name: First

User Last name: Lastname

Display formatDisplay DE devices
%(firstname)1.1s %(lastname)sNumber F.LastName
%(firstname)s.%(lastname)0.0sNumber First.
%(firstname)s %(lastname)1.2sNumber First La
%(firstname)s, GigasetNumber First, Gigaset
GigasetNumber Gigaset
"invalid"Number ""


The web-interface will not give an error if you enter a invalid display format. On the display of the devices only the internal number will be shown if this happens.

When the display name format were changed, a re-provisioning of the phones might be necessary to see the changes on the phone.

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