The T640/T440 can automatically upgrade the Gigaset devices connected to the system via Auto provisioning.

T640/T440 settings

  • Go to: Administration - System - System Settings - Provisioning
  • Enable the Firmware update for the required devices.
    • Corded (DE310/410/700/900)
    • N510
    • N720
    • Maxwell 10
    • Maxwell 3
    • Maxwell basic
  • Add the firmware files to the system in the directory: /opt/galilei/htdocs/prov/gigaset/fwbin using a file transfer program (winscp), with the correct naming:
    • de310-firmware version.img, example: de310-02.00.11.img
    • de410-firmware version.img, example: de410-02.00.11.img
    • de700-firmware version.img, example: de700-02.00.15.img
    • de900-firmware version.img, example: de900-02.00.15.img
    • merkur-firmware version.bin, example: merkur-42.192.bin
    • n720-mgr-firmware version,bin, example: n720-mgr-70.089.bin
    • n720-sat-firmware version,bin, example: n720-sat-70.089.bin
    • maxwell10-firmware, example:
    • GC_MAX_firmware version.bin, example: GC_MAX_1.11.6.bin



When the desktop device comes online, the T640/T440 will automatically start the upgrade via tftp. (Default setting)

After the upgrade, the normal provisioning procedure will start with the configuration files.

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