Hunt Groups is the method of distributing phone calls from a single telephone number to a group of phones/users. It allows you to select the algorithm which device/user will receive the call.

Web-interface settings

Group general settings

Group: Phone number of the group

Title: The name of the group shown in the web-interface

Prefix: The name of the group shown in the display of the device that is ringing on the incoming call. When empty, the name is not displayed on the device.

Call scheme:

  • Parallel: All devices ring at the same time
  • Linear: The first device will ring and after Timeout, the next device and ongoing.

Group busy: When one user of the group is having an active call (busy), the complete group is busy.


You can add users to the group, the timeout determines how long the user should ring in this group.

Timeout for linear ringing, defines how long the device will ring, then the next in the group will ring. Here the setting is for the user.

Timeout for parallel ringing, defines the setting for the complete group and not the single user.

Destination numbers for call forwards

The number that is used for Call forwarding of the group in case of Always, Busy or No answer.


Select for incoming internal or external calls the destination in case of

  • Always
  • Busy
  • No Answer


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