This option is available for the Gigaset PRO phones.

  • DE900/700
  • DE410/310
  • N510
  • N720 (Planned, 0.8.1 provisioning template needs to be changed)
  • Maxwell 10 (Planned)

When you start an Intercom Call to a user, the called user will receive the call via the phone loudspeaker without actively accepting the call. The Called user can talk back without picking up the handset.

Intercom call towards a group is not supported.

Administrator settings

To ability for the user to make intercom calls can be changed by the administrator: Administration - Users & extensions - Permissions.

Feature codes

* 85 * Extension number Intercom to device ...

Feature keys

An feature key can be configured via the web-interface of the T640/T440 to use the intercom feature.


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