This will give you the option to get an Busy Lamp field of the system via the user web-interface.


In the web-interface of the user go to: Menu - Monitor - Extensions

User is not having an active call.

User is not registered/logged on.

User is having an active call.

User is receiving an incoming call.


It is not possible to call via mouse click on these icons.

Restart the monitor service


When I open this page, the page is empty.


Possible is that the service is not running, you can start this service manually.

Connect via SSH

CLI Command to start the service: 

/etc/init.d/galilei-livemon-server start

Enable the AstButtonDaemon service in V1.0.9

root@galilei:~# mv /etc/cron.d/gs-diallog-purge /home/root/

A restart of the system is necessary after this command.

root@galilei:~# reboot




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