Often people are using multiple devices in the Office like a Desktop phone and a mobile device when they are walking around. Here we explain how you can configure that in the T640/T440.

The user will be:

  • Reachable on one number.
  • Outgoing calls are signalled with the user number, internal and external.
  • When one of the devices is busy, the user is busy.

Configuration example:

The user has the desktop device 216 and the N720 handset number 211, both are configured in the system as normal users. The desktop device will be the master and that number should be used.

Change outgoing number for the mobile device.


First we are going to change the outgoing number for the N720 handset 211. For this we edit the User settings for this device.

CLIP internal : Add the number 216

CLIP external: Add the number 216

This will provide the possibility to change the outgoing CLIP internal and external to 211 or 216.







Open the User 211 web-interface and go to:

  • Menu - User Settings - Service Attributes
  • Change the CLIP Internal and CLIP External to the number 216

Every outgoing call using the Handset 211 will be seen as a call from the User with number 216


Incoming call signalling

The next step is to arrange that every incoming call is ringing on both devices.

Open the User 216 web-interface and go to:

  • Menu - Call forwarding - Parallel calls
  • Add the 2 devices 216 and 211 (Also the own number should be inserted)




Open the User 216 web-interface and go to:

  • Menu - Call forwarding - Call forwarding
  • Forward internal and external always to Parallel call.





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