Incoming calls to your extension can be handled differently, depending on the day of the week and time. For example, calls that come in between 9.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. are signalled on your phone, while calls arriving at other times are forwarded to a central phone number or your voicemail. You can choose from nine different profiles.

Prerequisite: Profiles must be defined and enabled by the administrator.

User settings

Night answer service can be enabled/disabled in the User web-interface.








Administrator settings

To ability for the user to enable/disable Call waiting can be changed by the administrator: Administration - Users & extensions - Permissions - Set night answer service.

This permission is for the user to be able to use the feature codes, they still can use the web-interface.

Feature codes

Night answer service
* 38Profil 1-9Activate incoming routing profile. (1-9)
* 38 Deactivate


Night mode on display Desktop phones.

From software version 1.0.6 a new feature is implemented. The selected Night mode can be shown on the display of the devices, for this the Permission needs to be set.

Administrator settings

To ability for the user to see the selected profile on the Desktop phone display can be changed by the administrator: Administration - Users & extensions - Permissions.


The Night mode information is send via SIP messages, all devices that support this, will show the information on the display.

This is valid for:

  • DE900/700
  • DE410/310
  • Maxwell 10, planned
  • Upcoming devices


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