The Parallel call function allows calls to your extension to be signalled on other phones. So, for example, an incoming call can be signalled not just on your desktop phone but also on a DECT handset and/or a mobile phone.


  • You set up call forwarding as Parallel call.
  • External numbers are enabled for external calls by the administrator.
  • Menu --> Call Forwarding --> Parallel calls
  • To enter a new number: 
  • Enter the phone number in the New number field 
  • Click on + . . . The phone number is entered in the list


The phone numbers defined here are used for call forwarding. Enter all your numbers here, including the extension number, for which you want to set up call forwarding.

  • Then you have to activate the call forwarding for the parallel call

  • Menu --> Call Forwarding --> Call Forwarding
  • Select the drop-down box and select parallel call
  • As alternative the parallel call can be activated via feature-codes, dialled on your phone
    • *24 - Parallel call active for internal and external callers

    • *904 - Parallel call active for internal callers

    • *914 - Parallel call active for external callers

  • To deactivate the parallel calls, dial
    • *2*


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