For each user a personal profile is set up containing the following information:

  • First name, Last name and E-mail address according to the user entry
  • The Extension that has been assigned to the user
  • The language used for the user interface
  • Any personal phone numbers
  • PIN code

Checking/Adding to your personal data

In the user web-interface go to:

  • Profile
  • Personal data

To add personal phone numbers

  • Enter the phone numbers in the Mobile and Home fields 
  • Save . . . The numbers are added to your entry in the internal phone book

To add a caller display picture

Formats: PNG, GIF, TIFF, JPG

  • Click on the map icon.
  • Select a picture from the file system of your computer or network . . . The file name is shown in the text field 
  • Save . . . the picture is downloaded and shown

Changing the PIN

  • Profile 
  • Change PIN
  • Enter the current PIN 
  • Enter the new PIN 
  • Repeat the new PIN 
  • Save

Changing the language

  • Profile 
  • Change language
  • Select the desired language
  • Save


Changing the language also applies to the phone display.

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