Service attributes are provided by the administrator and may not be available. In the Service attributes screen you can set the caller ID for outgoing calls (CLIR, Calling Line Identification Restriction) and Call waiting.

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CLIR internal/CLIR external: Enables or disables the blocking of caller ID for internal and external outgoing calls.

Enabled: The phone number is not transmitted, so your phone call is anonymous.
Disabled: The phone number is transmitted.

By default the transmitted phone number is your default number.
To use a different phone number:

  • Select a different number in the CLIP internal and CLIP external fields.
  • You will be offered phone numbers which the administrator has entered as additional numbers for your user name.

Enable or disable Call waiting
Enabled: Calls that come in while you are on the phone are indicated by an audible signal.
Disabled: Incoming calls while you are on the phone are not indicated by an audible signal.


You can also enable and disable caller ID blocking and call waiting in the home screen of the user interface. The switch in the home screen enables/disables caller ID blocking for internal and external calls.

You can also set call waiting and caller ID blocking directly using the keys on the phone itself

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