Your Gigaset T640/T440 comes with a Web user interface and can be configured using a browser on any computer in your local network. Via the interface you can make calls, make settings for your phone, access the call list, voicemails, the personal phone book of the extension and the company phone book.


Access to functions of the user interface can be restricted by the administrator by assigning rights to specific users or user groups. Therefore you may find that not all functions described in this guide are available to you.

Logging on

To log on to the user interface, you need the IP address of the PBX and a user name with password.


The user name and password (PIN) are linked to the extension. If you use more than one phone (e.g. a desktop phone and a DECT handset), you will have more than one extension and a separate user name for each one. You make settings for each of your phones via the user name of the respective extension. Data that you use for all of them, e.g. your personal phone book, can be synchronised via an import/export function.


  • Open a standard Web browser on your computer.
  • In the address field enter the IP address of the device, e.g. . . . The Login screen is displayed.
  • Enter the user name (Username) and corresponding PIN -> Click Login . . . The user interface start screen (Home) opens


To change the password: -> Personal profile,

Logging off

To log off from the user interface:

  • Select Profile 
  • Logout

Making a call

  • Enter the phone number in the input field 
  • Click on


  • Enter the first character(s) of a name (first name or last name) contained in one of the contact lists (Internal, Global oder Private) in the input field . . . all contacts that match the input are shown with their phone numbers.
  • Click on the desired number.
  • The number is displayed in a window 
  • Click Start call on phone.
  • Pick up the handset of your phone or press the handsfree key . . . 
  • The call is started.


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