By default, the Voice mail can be reached when dialing number 80.

Requirements: Voicemail must be set up for your extension and you must set up call forwarding to your voicemail


Main Voice Mail  menu.........Description
2  Change folders
 0 New messages
 1 Old messages
 # Cancel
3  Advanced options
 * Return to main menu
0  Mailbox options
 1 Record unavailable messages
  1Accept recording
  2Listen to recording
  3Record again
 2 Record Busy message
  1Accept recording
  2Listen to recording
  3Record again
 4 Change temporary greeting
  1Accept recording
  2Listen to recording
  3Record again
 * Return to main menu
*  Help
#  Exit

Voicemail notification.

User web-interface

The user can see in the web-interface the available Voicemail messages.

The following information is displayed:

  • Name (if stored in your contacts list; possibly also picture) or phone number
  • Date and time of the call

Internal callers who are logged on to the PBX are indicated by a green dot.

There is no distinction between new and already heard messages.

To update the list:

  • Click on Home.

To clear the list:

  • Click on 
  • Select Clear.

To listen to a message

  • Click on Play icon, next to the entry . . . 
  • A window opens with information about the call.
  • The message is played via the loudspeaker of the PC.


For every extension, a voicemail service with the same number is set up by default. The administrator can specify a different extension number for the voicemail or deactivate it.




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