Software download

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Updating firmware

Firmware updates can be downloaded from this page, so you can ensure your phone is always up to date. You can find the current version of your firmware on the Device status screen. You can update your phone automatically or manually. Any PC connected to the phone will not be able to access the local network and the Internet during the firmware update. After the download, please unzip the downloaded file first.

There are 2 ways to upgrade your device.

Each way will take about 5 minutes to finish the firmware upgrading, please pay attention to wait for success.

By Web GUI:

Go to: Settings -> System -> Update&Restore

Choose the unzipped .bin file from hard-disk and Press <Load>

By tftp
In command line window,

tftp -i "IP address" put <filename.bin>

Don’t unplug your power cord during Firmware upgrade

Gigaset Fusion

 Software version 2.0.1BETA

 Software version 1.18.1

 Software version 1.16.0

 Software version 1.12.3

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