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G729 Codec setup.


The module for registering, activating and setup the G729 codec for the T300 and T500.


Switch the module off and switch on again. Check the "INFO" log, when "register" and "g729" are reported as copied, switch off or delete the module from the "Module Configuration" tab.

Go to the commandline via SSH and execute
[root@GigasetT500 ~]#./
Follow the instructions on the screen

g729 script instructions

After tomcat5 has restarted, go to the asterisk cmd-line:

Check licenses in Asterisk

1)[root@GigasetT500 ~]#asterisk -rvvv
2)GigasetT500*CLI>g729 show licences
3)If no licences are shown, reboot PBX

Reboot PBX via commandline

[root@GigasetT500 ~]#init 6
Repeat step 1 and 2 of the Check licenses in Asterisk instructions

Module download: 

Instructions PDF: G729 installatie V2.pdf (Dutch)

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