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Gigaset Integrations is the interface for integrating T300 Pro and T500 Pro in MS Windows.
During the installation specific CTI connectors can be installed individually.

Gigaset Client
Once configured and executed, the client will be displayed in the Windows task bar and enables the telephony integration of the individual applications.

Gigaset MS Outlook Connector
Gigaset T300 / T500 Pro are the optimal telephony solutions for enterprises using MS Outlook. The communication workflow is accelerated as T300 / T500 Pro not only enable one-click dialing directly from the contact record, but they also provide valuable information such as telephone histories. After only a few mouse clicks you can start telephoning without complex and time-consuming configuration.

Gigaset Fax
With Gigaset Fax, documents can be sent directly from the Windows application. Enterprises therefore no longer need a dedicated fax server. In particular, when setting up new branch offices or home offices, enterprises save investing in additional hardware. At the same time, the deployment of Gigaset Fax saves paper, as documents no longer need to be printed. Processes are optimized and productivity is improved. Total cost of ownership is reduced.

Gigaset TSP
Gigaset TSP is the TAPI interface for all Windows-based TAPI applications. In this way, Gigaset T300 / T 500 can be integrated into basically all CRM systems, for which Gigaset T300 / T500 do not offer native CTI integration. This enables calling directly from the programs without time-consuming und faulty dialing.

With this TAPI interface, CTI functionalities in Windows-based client-server applications can be realized.

System requirements: Microsoft NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2

The Gigaset client is available for Windows XP, Windows 7, Server 2003 and Server 2008 – both 32bit and 64bit

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