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With Hello Contrex, the call quality and performance is the same as it is across today’s ISDN phone network. However, the added flexibility and functionality introduced by our Next Generation Networks technology will enhance your efficiency and simplify phone system management. Hello Contrex is a complete managed replacement for your current business phone system.

Hello delivers its hosted business telephony solution using Contrex, it’s Cloud based telephony platform. The solution is fully functional and flexible enough to meet the needs of a wide range of businesses, from a one person organistion, through to larger corporates.   The service is fully managed  and supported by Hello Telecom in return for a monthly fee per user.

Excellent Voice Quality

With  Hosted Business Telephony from Hello Telecom the call quality and performance is the same as it is across the ISDN phone network, with the added benefits of additional features and control, provided by our Next Generation Network and Cloud based management portal.To ensure  a high level of voice quality Hello Telecom recommends all customers utilise a VoIP Optimised  Broadband circuit to connect to Contrex.

See below for a list of supported features when using Gigaset pro IP Devices with the Hello Telecom Hosted PBX service.

Feature Highlights
(full details available on request)


N510 PRO

N720 PRO

Software Release02.00.0102.00.0342.07570.068
Call initiate
Call accept
Last Number Redial (LNR)
Calling Line Identity Presentation (CLIP)
Caller ID (outgoing)
Number withheld / Anonymous
Connected Outside Line Presentation (COLP)××××
Music On Hold (MOH)
Transfer - supervised
Transfer - unsupervised
3-party conference - as attendee
3-party conference - initiate×
Call list/history
Message Waiting Indication (MWI)
Voice mail deposit/retrieval
Voice mail notification
Voice mail new message counter
Call waiting
Call pick-up (directed)n/an/an/an/a
Call pick-up (group)
Call pick-up (BLF key)××n/an/a
Do Not Disturb (DND)××
Call forward unconditional (CFU)
Call forward no reply (CFNR)
Call forward busy (CFB)
DTMF signalling (RFC2833)
BLF (Busy / Idle indication)n/an/a
Call completed elsewhere
Auto Provisioning

Click here for configuration parameters guide


Click here for our Quick Start User Guides for Gigaset phones operating with the Hello Telecom PBX service.

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