About sipgate

Sipgate is a European VoIP (Voice over IP) and mobile phone services provider.

Sipgate's VoIP services provide access to the public telephone network using local geographic and non-geographic telephone numbers. Residential and business VoIP and mobile phone services are provided on a prepaid, Bring Your Own Device basis.

See below for a list with supported features when using the Gigaset PRO IP Devices on the providers network.


Feature                                          Maxwell 3/B 
Software release:  1.15.2
Basic CallOK
Calling line (CLIP)OK
Connected line (COLP)OK
Anonymous callPlatform Feature
Do Not DisturbYes
Message waitingPlatform Feature
Call list/history (local at device)Yes
Voice mail deposit/retrievalPlatform Feature  
Call waitingYes
Call Hold / ToggleYes
Music on HoldYes
Call forward (CFU)Platform Feature
Call forward (CFNR)Platform Feature
Call forward (CFB)Platform Feature
Call Transfer attendedYes, via *3, see below.
Call Transfer unattendedYes, via *3, see below.
DTMF (RFC2833)Yes
Conference 3ptyYes, via * 5, see below
BLF Busy / Idle indicationYes
Call pick-up direct  ( * 9 extension)Yes
Call pick-up group ( * 9 )Yes
Call pick-up BLFYes
Call completed elsewhereYes
Auto provisioningNo


In-Call Functions (Transfer, Hold, Call Recording, Pick Up)

The following in-call functions are available during calls from your sipgate team account:

  • Transferring a call: With this function, you can transfer a call to another person. First press *3, then the desired phone number and lastly # to confirm. You will then be connected to one of your other home phones. When you hang up, the caller will then be transfered. If you do not want to transfer the call then press *8 to cancel the transfer function.
  • Attended transfer: To inform the person the call is being transfered to that there's a caller on the other line, please stay on the line to make an attended or 'warm' transfer. You can then hang up and both parties will be connected.
  • Switching between parties on an Attended Transfer: When the transfered call is answered on the other side, you can also press *4 to switch back and forth between the person you're transferring to and the caller.
  • Conference: If you would like to speak with another person and the caller simultaneously, press *5 and your conference call will start immediately.
  • Recording a call: Press *6 and recording will begin. Every person on the line in the conference call will hear the announcement that "recording has begun". Call recording must be initiated on a call-by-call basis.
  • Terminate Call Recording: Press *6 and recording will stop. Every person on the line in the conference call will hear the announcement that "recording has stopped". The recording is located in your event list. You can listen to it directly from the event list or download it as an mp3 file.
  • Disconnect: Press *8 and the current connection will be terminated.
  • Pick up: *9 or *9 extension number #
    When a phone in your office rings, pressing *9 will redirect the call, allowing you to answer it on your own phone. If you wish to answer a call directed at a specific phone in the office, press *9, the extension number of the phone in question and then press # For example: *913# for a phone with the extension number 13.

Important: If you are connected with an IVR (Interactive Voice Response), then all of the entries requiring a preceeding * must be typed with ** instead. (e.g.**6). 

Note: *4 and *5 options are only available within the transfer (after a transfer has been initiated).

Note: To use our In-Call functions your phone must support and have DTMF via RFC 2833 enabled.

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