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Gigaset started to re-test all Jabra Headsets, this list will be updated. With the Maxwell 3/B release 2.12 we will support the first Jabra headsets.

Bluetooth HeadsetsCertified with

Maxwell 10SL750HS650H


Stealth (BT 4.0)

Speak 510

Bluetooth Headsets with own BT dongleCertified with

Maxwell 3
Jabra Motion UC

Jabra Speak 510+

Evolve 65 UC

Wireless Headsets via EHSCertified with

Maxwell 10Maxwell 3
Jabra 920/925

Pro 9450 Flex

Wired HeadsetsCertified with

Maxwell 10Maxwell 3/BComment
BIZ 2300 DUO

GN1200 cable


Jabra GN1200 Switch position Matching Telephone system Mod plug wiring Amplified microphone Equivalent GN cable

  • 1 Standard (most common) M-, R, R, M+ No 8800-00-01
  • 2 Cisco IP phones 79xx series R, M-, M+, R No 8800-00-37
  • 3 Ascom office and Philips phones R, M+, M-, R No 8800-00-03
  • 4 Japanese phones, NEC, Nitsuko M+, R, R, M- No 8800-00-25
  • 5 Plantronics Vista Base R, R, M+, M- No 8800-00-20
  • 6 Panasonic phones with modular plug M+, R, R, M- Yes 8800-00-25A
  • 7 Nortel digital phones and Avaya IP phones M-, R, R, M+ Yes 8800-00-01A
  • 8 Avaya Callmaster V and VI, Cisco IP phones 79xx series R, M-, M+, R Yes 8800-00-37A

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