Each attribute field used in this section allows to enter string of max. length 25 characters.

To enter attribute for entry's field user can use one of predefined values from dropdown list or manually enter own attribute.

Last field is intended for any attribute user wants to use. Also it's possible to mark this attribute as 'dialable' - it'll be used on list with available numbers for entry.

Whenever user enters detailed view of entry, list of all fields with its values will be shown. If entry doesn't have value for attribute "- - -" will be shown as value. Same value will be used if user doesn't specify attribute (leaves empty field).

If user wants to disable any of fields he should choose 'none' as field's attribute.

List of predefined values:

  • First name: givenName
  • Surname: sn, cn, displayName
  • Phone (Home): homePhone, telephoneNumber
  • Phone (Office): telephoneNumber
  • Phone (Mobile): mobile
  • eMail: mail
  • Fax: facsimileTelephoneNumber
  • Company: company, o, ou
  • Street: street
  • City: l, postalAddress
  • ZIP: postalCode
  • Country: friendlyCountryName, c

There is no content with the specified labels