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Here we describe how the Sennheiser DW Office is connected to the Maxwell 10.

Connecting Base Station to the Maxwell

  • Use a normal 8 pin Ethernet cable (17)
  • Connect to the Sennheiser Base station Phone socket.(8)
  • Connect to the Maxwell 10 EHS socket.




Sennheiser DIP switch settings

  • Set the DIP switch 1 and 4 to the lower position.


Adjusting the audio signal

  • Set the ABC switch (6) to A (Default), B or C so that you can hear a clear signal.


Adjusting the Microphone sensitivity

  • To change the volume, adjust the microphone volume control accordingly

Signalling of incoming call (Ringing played in headset)

The Maxwell 10 has a "HEADSET ON/OFF" setting that has the following function:

In the right top corner of the Maxwell 10, pulldown the settings menu and via the menu:

Headset ON - Ringing audio played via Headset during incoming ring.

Headset OFF - No audio signalling in Headset when receiving call.

This feature is implemented for 3e Party Audio support, and plays the ringtone like it is normally done via the speaker. But it also means that to play this ringing signal, the headset connection has to be enabled. When you try to answer the call, then the Headset connection will be disabled because it was already active. You need to press again to answer the call. The recommended setting for EHS headsets is to disable this feature.


Open Improvements

Other side disconnects the call, headset will be switched off/on/off

The reason is that the Maxwell receives a disconnect that will also disconnect the Headset connection.

Because after disconnect, a 5 seconds audio disconnect signal is played (to inform the user via audio), the headset connection is re-activated during this time.

Then the Headset connection is disconnected.

We will make a change in the 1.2.20 software version that the disconnect signal will not be played anymore.

When receiving a call, the headset will be switched On/Off/On

This is related to the used audio codec and happens when codec G.711 is used.

By default, EHS will be opened in Wide Band (WB / G.722) and will change to Narrow Band (NB / G.711) after call is connected and if G.711 codec is negotiated between DUT and User A. For this the headset connection is switched Off and On again.

Solution is to use only the G.722 codec. A future change in the Maxwell 10 is planned to improve this.


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