Keeping in touch with video calls reduces travel and mobile phone costs – and makes business communication more personal and effective. To ensure that video chats are the best they can be, we built Maxwell 10 with a gorgeous, high-definition display, and an integrated, state-of-the art, HD video camera. Together they offer picture quality that rivals real life, taking business via video to a new level of clarity and convenience. Maxwell offers unparalleled video quality and convenience, for simply better chats. Whatever video or photo needs an office has, Maxwell 10 lets users do business the smart way: in total clarity.

Video settings

The video quality of your phone is determined by the resolution and the codec used for the transmission.

In the web interface go to:

Settings -> Telephony -> Video

Select the resolution to be used for video transmission: internal for the integrated camera on the front panel, external for a camera connected to the device’s USB port.

Select the required codecs and define the sequence in which they should be used.

The following video codecs are supported by your phone:


Video compression format for streaming internet sources, such as videos from Vimeo, YouTube, and the iTunes Store, web software such as the Adobe Flash Player and Microsoft Silverlight, and also various HDTV broadcasts.


Video compression standard originally designed as a low-bitrate compressed format for videoconferencing.


Below you can find some info about the average bandwidth we measured between 2 Maxwell 10 devices having an video call.

 Average bandwidth
QVGA600 Kbps600 Kbps 
VGA1024 Kbps  
720p2000 KbpsNot supported 


Video calls behind Gigaset PBX systems

Gigaset is offering different PBX systems and below you can find a list with systems and if video calls are possible.

  • Gigaset T500/T300 - H.264  
  • Hybird 120 GE - planned
  • Gigaset T640/T440 - Yes

Gigaset T500/T300 settings

In the web interface of the T500/T300 go to:

Configuration -> Phones

Select the Maxwell 10 device and add the H.264 codec.

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