Release Date:

September 2019

Version: RELEASE


What is new?

  • Change icon for Quick Dial function key
  • LLDP
  • Phone-system profiles for Centile and Vodia
  • CTI: Support of Event: talk and hold
  • Print-screen option in Expert-settings


  • Park & Retrieve improved (during consultation)
  • Call pickup improved (number format)
  • Voicemail behaviour improved
  • N-way consultation call improved
  • Minor translation update
  • Minor WebUI improvements
  • LLDP behaviour improved
  • FAC/Line key behaviour improved
  • Name-label for line-key added
  • DNS and DNS SRV+A handling improved
  • Phonebook search improved (WebUI setting: Desk Phone → Local Phonebook)
  • Function Key shows display name, not the dialled number/code
  • BLF visibility improved (WebUI + Provisioning)
  • Firmware update behaviour improved


  • Call transfer failed popup
  • No missed call when call waiting off
  • MetaSwitch: call ended after unsuccessful blind call transfer
  • Centile - wrong call-lists used
  • Broadsoft - remote restart doesn't work
  • SIP exterminator eliminated some bugs...

Known Issues

  • ...


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