Release Date:

March 2021

Version: RELEASE


What is new?

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  • Interop
    • Improved functionality behind Unify OSBiz
  • SIP response for DND and Busy state adjusted
  • XML phonebook query adjusted
  • Phonebook improvement - Synchronise the phonebook behavior


  • DTMF tones not sent in early media
  • TLS: Maxwell sends client certificate with CN=Maxwell, change to CN=MAC address
  • Yeastar: SIP NOTIFY disconnects active call
  • Provisioning:
    • HTTPS provisioning TLS improvements
    • Can not access Client certificate
  • Broadsoft
    • Automatic creation BLF keys, call-pickup code not visible in web-interface
  • Centile
    • HTTPS provisioning
    • BLF keys are not working
    • XML query during outgoing call to deactivated XML phonebooks
  • Broadsoft
    • After ended call, the connection screen is still visible on the 2nd device
    • Ring splash is not played
    • BLF issues
    • Call divert to voicemail issue
    • XSIAuthPassword are visible
    • Option "BLF create automatically" do not work on the Extension Module
    • BLF Call pickup not possible after login to flexible seating
  • Function Keys Park and Retrieve works in the parked call state
  • FAC extension '&' does not work
  • Door-station issues fixed
  • XML phonebook Maxwell 4 sends different query then Maxwell 3
  • Call waiting doesn't send a RINGING

Known Issues

  • New introduced features xhtml menus and switchable transfer via on-hook might not work for all users. Final version available in upcoming release.


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