Release Date:

July 2021

Version: RELEASE


What is new?

  • Transfer via on-hook configurable

  • Full XHTML support

  • Bluetooth support

    • Headsets: Audio, Mute, Volume+/-, Answer call, Hangup call

    • Mobile phones: Contact import (manual/automatic)


  • Certificates are challenged correctly for TLS sessions
  • Translation update
  • Improved WebUI accessibility and stability
  • Add phone numbers from call-lists to DND-list
  • Added more flexible lookup options for LDAP directory
  • Improved audio and conference handling


  • After the reboot FAC FK lost its state

  • Dial preparation via "Line" key does not allow * or #

  • PhoneUI: not possible to save DTMF function key with '#', '*' signs
  • Restoring configuration not possible
  • Emergency numbers not restored

Unify OpenScapeBusiness

  • Call disconnected after accepting incoming call while being on hold
  • No name replacement from PBX in outgoing calls
  • Call pickup notification stays on the screen
  • Incoming call answered via Unify MyPortalDesktop doesn't work


  • Missing speech path after attendant call transfer

Known Issues

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