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  • Can be connected to Maxwell Basic, 2 and 3, Software 2.15.9 or higher
  • 7 inch FSTN display
  • 30 Keys - 15 per row
  • Bicolor (red/green) LED's for signaling

  • 3 colors (red/yellow/green)

  • Connect up to 3 devices in series

  • Power Socket (use the recommended Power supply only)

  • RJ12 for the connection to the Main Device

  • RJ45 for the connection to the next Expansion Module

  • Part number: S30853-H4061-R101


  • Up to 58 functions on 2 pages
  • Self labeling
  • Auto-provisioned

Device Firmware

The device firmware will be updated automatically, if necessary, via Maxwell Basic or 3. The firmware image of the Expansion Module is included in the firmware image of the Maxwells to ensure, that always a valid firmware base for interconnection is available.

Power supply

You need to order one power supply (L36280-Z4-X765), this is not included, One power supply is always needed, also when the Maxwell phone is using a Power supply. With one power supply you can connect up to 3 Expansion modules.

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