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Depending on your Platform settings, you may need to insert an access code before the phone number for calls outside the area covered by your VoIP platform (External line prefix, e.g. "0")

  • Save an access code and specify when the phone numbers should be automatically prefixed with the digits. You can choose between:
    • Never
    • For net directories
    • For call lists
    • For net directories and call lists
    • Always
  • Click on Set to save your settings on the page.

Feature is available in N720 and N510.

Auto provisioning parameter

In case the platform does not have the possibility to distinguish between internal and external numbers, an additional option is available that can only be activated via auto provisioning. When enabled, the feature will also be visible in the web-interface.

Auto provisioning parameterDefault valueVisible in web-interfaceDescription


0xffWhen enabled.

Control switch = BS_CUSTOM.ucAkzVoipNotUsedNumberLength
Default value = 0xff. To change it it has to be provisioned.

0 -> feature is switched off by user
1 -> numbers with length 1 are treated as PBX internal numbers (min)
9 -> numbers with length 9 are treated as PBX internal numbers (max)
ff -> Configuration not visible in WEB UI

Same provisioning parameter can be used for N510

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