When the Basic mode is enabled then Alarm notifications are Call-based:

  1. Alarm calls (VoIP)
    1. Manual Alarm
    2. Man down Alarm
    3. Non Movement Alarm
    4. Escape Alarm
    5. Time Alarm
  2. Up to 3. destinations (VoIP calls)
    1. Destination can be:
      1. Group call with multiple members (PBX group)
      2. Call to a single device
  3. To avoid answer by none humans, a message is played:
    "This is an emergency call. To accept this call press 5"
    The human needs to press "5" to answer the call (Inband DTMF)
  4. In case there is no answer, then the next destination is dialed (Calling timer)
  5. When all configured alarm destinations do not answer start again x times (Call retry counter)
  6. There is no Alarm server connected to Nx70
  7. Can be used also behind non-Gigaset DECT systems

The audio message is available in the following languages: Danish / English / French / German / Italian / Dutch / Polish / Spanish / Swedish / Turkish


To be able to answer the call, Inband DTMF has to be supported.

How to test if Inband DTMF is supported: Dial between 2 handsets and press a digit, the other side should hear the DTMF tone.

Why inband DTMF? The handset has to recognise the DTMF and can only do this via Inband DTMF.

Upcoming: Option that no DTMF is required, just answer the call. (Only possible when using the handset behind our cordless)

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