Robin Compact SIP Door Intercom

Tested with: Gigaset T300/T500 PRO: Software version

Robin Compact SIP: Software version 2.0.1, Software build 1307, Build type Release

Create SIP account in Gigaset T300/T500

Goto: Configuration - Phones - Add additional Telephones



Use the settings like in the example above.

Configure the Robin Compact SIP door intercom web-interface


Enter the SIP username and password as defined in the Gigaset T300/T500.

The SIP domain and proxy is the IP address op the Gigaset T300/T500.

Time server: Enter the IP address of the Gigaset T300/T500

Here you can enter the number to be dialled when the door intercom key is pressed. In this example the number 130 is called.

Here you can define which Phone book entry is used when the key is pressed.

Please check if the correct codecs are enabled.

Door opener activation.


To open the door, the following default codes are tested with the Gigaset T300/T500

Gigaset User account.

Without a Gigaset user account, the door intercom can be used to dial an internal number. Incoming and Outgoing calls are not possible.

Incoming calls to the door intercom are only possible when the door intercom is assigned to a user.

In the Gigaset T300/T500 Goto: Configuration - Users and create a new user, only to be used for the door intercom (user license)






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