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Telekom Deutschland

About Telekom

Telekom Deutschland offers its private and business customers everything from a single source. The Germany operating segment comprises all fixed-line and mobile communications activities in Germany. It also provides wholesale telecommunications services for other Group segments and competitors.

Telekom's efforts to expand the network in Germany are paying off. In Germany we are still the sovereign market leader in terms of both fixed-line and mobile sales. Our high-performance networks are the basis for our success. We inspire our customers with excellent network quality as well as a broad product portfolio and excellent service.

Here we describe how to connect/configure the Gigaset N670/N870 to be used behind the Telekom: DeutschlandLAN Cloud PBX solution.

The configuration has to be done manually, there are 2 configurations possible.

When using Telekom DSL line

  • Telekom DSL "Deutschland LAN IP Voice/Data"
  • Magenta Zuhause

When using an other internet connection

  • Encryption with Mediasec must be used, this will be supported in Q1 2021

FeaturesTelekom DSL line

Incoming and outgoing call with CLIP/CNIP

Call transfer(tick)
Phonebooks and call log synchronised with the DeutschlandLAN platform(tick)
MWI indication(tick)
Feature synchronisation for DND and Call forward(tick)


Manuelle KonfigurationGigaset DECT Multizelle N870IPan DeutschlandLAN Cloud PBX


You can download an example provisioning template that contains the most important settings that are needed. 

  1. Download this template DeutschlandLAN_template.xml
  2. In the web-interface go to: SETTINGS - System - Provisioning and configuration
  3. Click on Browse
  4. Select the file you just downloaded
  5. Click on Upload
  6. Click on Start auto configuration
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