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The usage of the SCP protocol makes the DECT base installation very easy but also has it limitations.

When using different Subnets, the DECT base stations could not reach the DECT manager to make the first connection as the switches block the SCP protocol. The network of the customer would need to be re-configured or you would need to install and Integrator and DECT managers.

In  software 2.33 or higher, it will be possible to install a DECT base station in a different subnet. 

To get this working, you first need to be sure that your DECT base-stations are updated with the firmware that supports this feature. For this you should first install the base-station in the same subnet, let the Integrator/Manager update your base-station and then place in the other subnet.

The following changes are made to support this feature.

  1. By default a DECT base is now pre-configured to use DHCP
  2. The DECT manager joins a pre-configured multicast-group (  i.e. listens to multicast-traffic)
  3. When base in different subnet gets IP from DHCP it is now capable to send its "Discover" also to the multicast-group.
  4. When those multicast packages are routed to the other subnet, the base can be "seen" as usual in the WEB-UI and can be accepted/configured.


The switch/router MUST be configured to forward those multicast messages between the different subnets. As we are not the experts for your used switches, you need to configure this yourself, we cannot support you but only document examples we received from our customers. Below we will document some switch configuration examples, documentation is ongoing.

titleManual configuration

When you are not able to configure the switch to forward the multicast messages between the subnet's, there is a manual configuration possible.

  1. Install the base-station in the same subnet as the DECT manager
  2. Activate the base-station via the DM web-interface (Normal installation procedure)
  3. Enable CLI access for the system
  4. Access the CLI interface of the base-station you want to place in the different subnet, using for example putty
  5. Configure the DECT manager IP address via the cli command: cli-config set scpcd.lan.dm_ip="" (Replace the IP-address with the address of your DM)
  6. IP-routing between the subnet's is configured
  7. Install the base-station in the different subnet

Only IP address supported

  • Remove option by writing empty string: cli-config set scpcd.lan.dm_ip=""
    If removing the IP address does not work, you can use the factory reset via cli FAQ - CLI access
  • Checking current value: cli-config get scpcd.lan.dm_ip
titleConfiguration examples


You can use wireshark to trace if the multicast message are forwarded to the subnet, the DECT manager is installed. To see the multicast messages in wireshark, you can use the filter "ip.addr>=".