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Release Date:

March 2023

Version: Release Version


What is new?

  • Responsive Web design
  • Onboarding assistant in Web-interface (not shown when Phone-display onboarding were executed)
  • Line and system information available on SL800H handsets (configurable via handset menu)
    • Update handsets via quicksync to V11.08
  • Dt. Telekom profile with secure media headers support (Telekom-M)
  • New Smart Home firmware (bas-002.012.002) and sensor-updates
  • NTP-Server over DHCP


  • Contact lookup improvement for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Call divert configuration shows all states at once
  • Call divert rules with new scheduler
  • Call divert rules can be sorted for prioritization (top-down) and order in widgets
  • Call divert target allows * and # as valid character
  • Microsoft 365 contacts do work with Azure environments
  • Google contact app certified
  • Contact selection for all contacts at once
  • VoIP connection wizard does not fill all required fields
  • Voicemail boxes can't be deactivated accidentically when in use
  • Announcement can't be deleted when in use
  • SUOTA update for handsets process improved
  • PNG-picture support for background pictures
  • Touch recognition for longpress on widgets improved
  • DECT usability and stabilization


  • Values for internal and external call timeout corrected (600s, 1800s)
  • Values for call divert are not deleted when being deactivated
  • Calls to IVR are correctly listed in the call-list
  • Number assignment in IVR for incoming and outgoing lines do not show all numbers
  • IVR summary does not show key assignment
  • All network voicemail boxes are shown in Phone-interface
  • Amount of new voicemails is not correct
  • Call divert rule are not taken into account (2 rules for the same connection/device, non-overlapping time)
  • Call divert switch on/off removes number information
  • Contact import/export for local and central contacts
  • WiFi fixes for roaming scenarios (repeater environments)
  • WiFi status is synched in all interfaces
  • Syslog server address supports DNS name
  • Answering machine - Switch for recordings is inverted
  • DECT ECO mode not synched between Web-interface and DECT handsets
  • Widget selection on Phone-interface sometimes not shown
  • PCAP trace on WiFi interface is empty
  • Announcements can't be saved with special characters
  • Name of a blacklist or emergency entry can't be edited
  • ... the exterminators extinguished a lot of little bugs, too...

Upcoming fixes and features in next releases

  • SIP trunk support
  • DECT - Transfer via onhook
  • ...