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What's new:


  • Broadsoft-Provisioning:

    Download configuration files over HTTP using BroadWorks Device Management (MAC or digest authentication can be used).
    Following HTTP download scenarios are supported with the BroadWorks XSP topology permutations: XSP IP Address, XSP FQDN, XSP Cluster FQDN

  • Plain XML provisioning


Gigaset PBX T500 PRO / T300 PRO

  • Info page can be accessed without password, needed for Auto-provisioning.
  • Ad hoc conference supported
  • Gigaset PBX Manager supported by PRO handsets (SL610H PRO, S510H PRO). Feature control via handset menu:
    • Identity management / Hot Desking
    • Calls lists
      • missed
      • incoming
      • outgoing
    • DND
    • Selection of CLIP number to be shown
    • Group call settings
    • Call divert
    • Visual Voicemail
    • Selective phonebook search for all available directories (also LDAP)
  • Corporate directory: now also “business number” is supported


MWI signaling on handset

  • Enable/disable MWI notification for each handset individually
  • Configure the MWI notification for different message types: missed calls, alarms, E-Mail, mailbox
  • Missed/accepted calls count can be deactivated for each handset


  • DECT range extension by architectural improvements
  • Call Manager: ‘Accept calls via Handsfree' is now default setting in Web Configurator
  • Handset registration PIN can be defined by admin (e.g. 0000 for DECT headset registration).
  • Handset model name and software version is shown for registered handsets in Web Configurator
  • Operating days counter is no longer reset to 0 after firmware FW update
  • Supplementary services: Now also control codes leading with # can be dialed
  • Access Code usage conditions can be selected: always / Net Directories / Call Lists / Net Directories and Call Lists / never
  • TCP port number: After start-up no longer always the same TCP port number is used, but is randomly assigned



  • Corporate Net Directory search (LDAP,): Show search string in handset and update results accordingly
  • Net directory: length of URL enhanced to 255 characters
  • Public Net Directory search: Entries for city are no longer shown on all handsets, but only on handset where they have been entered
  • LDAP Directories:
  • In the Web Configurator you can specify now, which of the available attributes from the LDAP database are to be queried and displayed on the phone
  • User can scroll through list of found entries
  • Attribute ‚streetAddress‘ added
  • Search string length enhanced to 250 characters


  • Broadsoft provisioning: It is now possible to download .xml file from Broadsoft server when digest username/password authentication is used

Known Issues:

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