Firmware update Gigaset N720 IP

Out of the Box, the DECT manager does not know about the preferred base station software version and allows the start-up of the Base station with any software version.

Status Page -> Preferred Base station software == **.???.**.****.****

To guarantee the up to date and compatible DECT manager and Base station software you need:

  • Internet Access to Firmware update Packages at
  • Or the software package on a local http server
  • Software update can only be done via the HTTP protocol. HTTPS is not supported. (N870 supports the HTTPS protocol also)

Check software version DECT Manager and Base station

The Software version of the DECT manager and the Base station should always be the same.

What happens if the Software version is different:

  • It is possible the Base station does not start-up
    • Status Page -> Download Status == Failed
  • System can be unstable

Automatic firmware update is not working

If the automatic firmware update is not working, you have the following possibilities.

A special module is made that download the files automatically from our Gigaset server and places the new files on the PBX, click here.

  1. Download the files from our wiki.
  2. Connect to the PBX using SSH
    1. Go to the directory:
      [root@localhost ~]# cd /var/firmware/gigaset/original

      701Copy new Baselines.bin and Firmware fileFirmware files DECT manager
      711Copy new Baselines.bin and Firmware fileFirmware files DECT base
  3. N720 should now be able to see the new baseline 73

Because of auto provisioning, the Gigaset T300/T500 will change the Data Server field to his own IP address, the Firmware files could not be available on the T300/T500. You have to follow the following procedure.


  1. Disable the Auto provisioning: Configuration - Phones - Settings - Deactivate auto provisioning.
  2. Press Apply to Deactivate


  1. Change Data server URL: Settings - Management - Firmware update - Data server to :
  2. Press Set to activate the new URL.
  3. The device will now search for new Firmware on the Gigaset server.
  4. When available, press Update Firmware to start Firmware update.

When all Devices are ready with the Firmware update, see Status Page.


  1. Enable the Auto provisioning: Configuration - Phones - Settings - Activate auto provisioning.
  2. Press Apply


Restart the N720 so the T300/T500 can change the Data server back to the original value.

Sometimes we see that due to network issues, the Base stations are not updated. For this a hidden firmware update page is available. To access this page:

  • Login the WebGUI of the N720, then change the URL to:
  • http://<IP address of N720>/hidden_firmware_update.html

You will see the screen below.

Then enter the URL for the firmware update. Always first update the DECT manager and after successful update the Base station.

Use following links for

    1. DECT Manager:
    2. Satellite:

Hint: For a newer software you can change the sw links. eg. Version 100

DECT Manager: is

Satellite: is

If you have no internet access, you have to use an own http server, for this free tools are available like hfs.exe. With these tools you can use your laptop as the http server and insert the link towards your laptop.

Sometimes N720IP installation doesn't have access to the Internet so update with Gigaset server is not possible. In this case you need to use your own local HTTP server for upgrade.

There are free HTTP servers available on the internet like: HFS

Procedure for update via hidden page:
  1. Download the firmware files for N720 IP PRO -> Get N720IP firmware
  2. Start HFS.exe 
    HFS start
    In this example server runs with IP:
  3. Drag&drop folder structure with the firmware files into HFS application.
    HFS files
    HFS N720
    In this example:
    Path to DECT Manager firmware:
    Path to Base station firmware:
  4. Login the WebGUI of the N720, then change the URL to: http://<IP address of N720>/hidden_firmware_update.html
  5. Copy firmware paths for DECT Manager & Base station (3) to the WebUI.

Download state is NOK

In case the download state shows “NOK” (see status page), i.e. after adding of new base station in the environment, the update job has been started again.

Settings --> Management --> Firmware Update)

 Software version 117

 Software version 116

 Software version 115

 Software version 113