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titleSetting up an own provisioning server

The procedure for setting up auto-provisioning of Gigaset IP phones is as follows:

  1. Installing a HTTP(S) server, or using your existing HTTP(S) server.
  2. Preparing your server.
  3. Setting up your file structure.

titleInstalling HTTP(S) server

You need to install an Web-server, this can be done on different Operating Systems.

  • Linux Server
  • Windows Server
  • Other OS running HTTP server

titlePreparing your server

You need to install an HTTP(S) server application, for example: Apache.

titleProvisioning File structure

There are 2 possibilities.

  1. Direct link to XML file. (Mostly used)
  2. Using the Gigaset file structure.

Direct link to XML file.

The device will download one XML file that contains all parameters. This is the most common used Method.

Gigaset file structure.

When using the Gigaset file structure provisioning then the device will download different files that contain information about location of files, firmware and languages (N510). These files are generated via our online tools.

You have to create the necessary directories and copy these files into the file system structure.

Creating directories

  • Create a new directory gigaset within the web server document path, e.g. /var/www/html:
  • Copy the files to the provisioning server

The data structure is as follows:

Within the HTTP server file system the gigaset directory is created containing a sub-directory for each device type. The numbers used as directory names correspond to the device or the device variant of the Gigaset IP phones.

DirectorySub directoryDevice

42C610 IP/N300 (1), Gigaset N510 IP PRO (2)

60DE900 IP PRO

61DE700 IP PRO

62DE410 IP PRO

63DE310 IP PRO

70N720 DM PRO

71N720 IP PRO

80Maxwell 10

82Maxwell Basic, 2 and 3

For each device variant a master file (master.bin or provisioning.xml) is stored. In addition all files that are necessary for the device, e.g. firmware, language files for the Web GUI, help files, texts for the handset UI, auto-provisioning links, are available.
Gigaset provides the provisioner, e.g. the PBX manufacturer, with the required data structure.

  • The provisioning files are generated automatically by the Gigaset online provisioning tools, to access these tools you have to request an account.
  • Access will only be provided after approval from the Local Technical Sales.