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Release Notes

Release Date:




New Features and improvements 

  • Optimized search engine in directory
  • DND button on Home Screen


  • DECT handset stops working after sometime
  • Speech path is routing to DECT Handset when call accepted via Handsfree
  • Call terminates while pressing DECT/EHS Headset PTT button During Open listening mode
  • Audio not routing to corded handset after open listening mode with DECT headset
  • Voicemail notifications are not navigating to Call list app for UCI based(Starface) phone systems
  • Audio route problems when off-hooking corded HS during dial
  • [USB Headset] Incoming call ringing sound is discontinuous/switched between Handsfree and USB headset
  • DECT HS cancels the outgoing call after taking it up from the cradle
  • DECT settings menu cannot be opened
  • Skype call not establishing when External camera is connected in Maxwell
  • Audio device Priority is not working properly with Handset and Headset
  • Call list cannot be opened
  • Phone app UI showing wrong device during routing
  • Some italian strings have to be corrected
  • Device hangs during boot up
  • Outgoing calls are not possible behind German-Telekom-IP-All accounts
  • Create Open-Source-package and enhance Android licence informations
  • Unify OSV - Maxwell stops Phone App after hold
  • There is a leading (wrong) "null" to all names if "LDAP-Search at incoming calls" is enabled
  • "Requested number does not match Try again" - using call list
  • The letter ß cannot be displayed in android menu
  • Speech dropouts in RTP sending direction when pressing volume buttons on handset
  • Missing Announcement at call setup
  • In case DECT is active, in some situations a high frequency noise can appear (through loudspeaker). To stop this sound, a reboot is necessary.


Known Issues (will be fixed in next official release)

Corded handset not working sometimes. A reboot solves the issue.

Doubled acoustics when picking up a call with DECT handset (audio on handset AND Maxwell 10).

Distorted audio on handsfree with narrowband calls (G.711 and progressinband=yes).

Call is hung up sometimes during call-setup with DECT handset.

Firmware update




In the webinterface of the Maxwell 10 go to: 


Settings - System - Firmware update
server URL = 

Click on Update firmware and the latest Firmware that is online will be downloaded.


First download the Firmware on your PC and unpack the zip file. You will get a .txt file with the Open Source License text and an encrypted zip file which is your firmware image.

In the webinterface of the Maxwell 10 go to:

Settings - System - Firmware update

Click on "Choose File" and select the Firmware file.

Click on "Load" to start the upgrade.


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Software versions
Build number80_1_1.2.9