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Release date:

August 2015





To be able to add new features in the future, we needed to redesign our upgrade/memory management to free memory. With this new upgrade/memory management system we have extended our future-proof software and operating system. Due to new features implemented in software larger then 89 we urgently needed to change this.

To avoid upgrade problems, we removed the Software 95 and prepared the Software 98 that has the new memory management implemented. This software will be available very soon.

In the situation that your system is already on the BL95 and you need to add additional DECT base/stations, and in case the new basestation has an older software. You can upgrade this base-station via the hidden software page, see below for the procedure.


What's new:

  • ...


  • XML phonebook White/Yellow pages search field City optional


  • LDAP:
    • S650H requesting LDAP via INT button makes N720 reboot.
    • No connection to LDAP server after some days.
    • Sometimes handsets cannot access to LDAP phonebook.
  • SIP / RTP improvement
  • Instability when CLIP name contains special characters.

Known Issues:

  • Unstable LDAP connection when using Unify LDAP server
  • SL750H, accept call waiting not possible.

Using the Hidden Firmware page:

Log in with “admin”
Go to the normal firmware-update page
Edit the link in the browser to following format: http://<IP-N720>/hidden_firmware_update.html
Use following links for




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