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Gigaset MAC client is the interface for integrating T300 Pro and T500 Pro in a MAC environment.


The Gigaset Client for Mac is a native desktop integration for Mac OS 10.7, 10.6 and 10.5.

It allows users to make calls and fax from any Mac application with simple a mouse click. With incoming calls, the data of the caller is automatically displayed, and - if available - even an image. A call-back is easily initiated by clicking on the green handset symbol from within
the missed call list.
The Gigaset Mac client also contains a unified communication interface through which numerous functions can be initiated and controlled using AppleScript.

Feature High-lights

  • Call notification
  • Display of incoming and outgoing calls via Gigaset PBX
  • Name resolving from the Mac OS X Address Book
  • Initiation of outgoing calls via keyboard shortcuts
  • Gigaset lists for calls, voicemail and faxes
  • Display of calls made and missed on the PBX
  • Transfer of contacts to the Mac OS X Address Book
  • Display of incoming voicemails on the PBX
  • Display of incoming and sent faxes
  • Callback of external callers directly from the call list
  • Deletion of call list entries, voicemails and faxes on the PBX
  • Preview (Quicklook) of entries such as faxes or voicemails
  • Display and modification of redirections on the PBX
  • Initiation of outgoing calls via the services menu (from Mac OS X 10.6 also as pop-up menu)
  • Initiation of outgoing calls from the Mac OS X Address Book
  • Dispatch of faxes via Gigaset PBX using the fax printer driver
  • Support for call-related AppleScript commands
  • Automatic update function