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In the Gateway group you have to define the Outbound Caller ID, the Inbound DIDs (how the number is forwarded to the Inbound routes) and the Inbound caller ID (number presentation of external caller). in addition you can permit here inbound calls in general for this gateway group.



Provider settings:

Give the Line an unique name. Please enter the SIP credentials as provided from iway.

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Just add the telephone numbers for this SIP trunk in the "Advanced Settings"

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VoIP settings:

Here you can define how the outgoing lines have to look like (e.g. Clip no Screening)

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VoIP Menu Advanced settings:

Please choose here the below settings.

Outbound caller ID

As the number is fixed with this account, every user who is allowed to use this line will present the same number to the callee.

Asserted Identity

These fields are used specially for external forwardings. Some providers need special settings in order to present the correct number at the receiving party.

Inbound DIDs

For incoming calls, you can use the regular expression, generated by the setup assistant. In your case you would have to adjust the city-code and the first part of the extension, according to your line-settings.

Example: ^(?:(?:(?:0041|\+41|32|0)?56)?032566142)?(.*)

This will be forwarded to the Inbound Routes.

Inbound caller ID

For incoming calls, no additional 0 will be added.


This field will be empty when you create this Gateway group. It will show later the assigned SIP gateways.

SIP gateway

In the Gigaset PBX go to "Administration" - "Routes" - "SIP gateways" enter a name for the new gateway and click on: Create new gateway

The SIP gateway contains all necessary data for the registration and dial command and how the number is delivered to/from the provider.

Just enter or choose the values according to your contract or data you received from the provider.


Example of VTX gateway settings 1/2.

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Dial command

The dial command is the command which is used in the asterisk software. The term {number:1}  means, that at the dialled number (e.g. 008987654321) the first digit is removed. If you don't use a line access code (in most cases '0' is used), you have to remove the ':1' ! ! ! (Example is without access code)


Select here the previously created gateway group.

Update remote party ID (CLIP)

This setting is just optional, as the provider replaces outgoing CLIP which is not valid with the default number of the SIP account.

For sending another CLIP, use the CLIP-No-Screening feature.

Advanced Parameter

Can be empty


Example of VTX gateway settings 2/2.

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Inbound routes

In the Gigaset PBX go to "Administration" - "Routes" - "Inbound routes" select the correct Gateway group and press Show.

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Outbound routes

In the Gigaset PBX "Administration" - "Routes" - "Outbound routes" you don't have to activate the advanced options for the basic installation.

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