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About Askozia

Askozia was originally started as university project focused on building a lightweight software phone system. The project was a great international success, that Benjamin and Sebastian decided in 2010 to start a company. Looking at our competition, we decided that we didn’t want to lock our users into a license model where they have to pay for every single channel. We’d rather do something fundamentally different. This is why we do not charge per user and we do not limit our products arbitrary.

The core of all our products is AskoziaPBX, an easy to use IP phone system based on Asterisk. In addition to developing VoIP software, we design and build our Telephony Servers in-house in our headquarters in Hannover, Germany.

Askozia’s team consists of experienced engineers that have been working with Voice over IP for more than a decade. We have a customer base of more than 100.000 users in small and medium sized companies all around the world. Askozia is privately held, and did not seek any venture capital. This way, we are not obliged to anybody, except to our customers.


See below for a list with supported features when using the Gigaset PRO IP Devices.

Testresults provided by Askozia  Askozia Version 5.0

Supported Devices from Gigaset PRO


Implementation Release Q4
Feature                                          DE310 / DE410 IP PRO    DE700 / DE900 IP PRO Maxwell basic / Maxwell 3       N510 IP PRO          N720 Multi cell    
Software release:  02.01.0002.
Calling line (CLIP)OKOK OKOK
Connected line (COLP)OKOK OKOK
Anonymous callOKOK OKOK
Do Not DisturbOKOK OKOK
Message waitingOKOK OKOK
Call list/history (local)OKOK OKOK
Voice mail deposit/retrievalOKOK OKOK
Call waitingOKOK OKOK
Call Hold / ToggleOKOK OKOK
Music on HoldOKOK OKOK
Call forward (CFU)OKOK OKOK
Call forward (CFNR)OKOK OKOK
Call forward (CFB)OKOK OKOK
Call Transfer attendedOKOK OKOK
Call Transfer unattendedOKOK OKOK
Call Transfer blindOKOK Not supportedNot supported
Conference 3ptyOKOK OKOK
BLF Busy / Idle indicationOK (DE410)OK --
Call pick-up direct  ( * 8 extension)OK (DE410)OK OKOK
Call pick-up group ( * 8 )OK (DE410)OK OKOK-
Call pick-up BLFOK (DE410)OK --
Call completed elsewhereOKOK OKOK
Central Phonebook (LDAP)OKOK OKOK
Auto provisioningOKOK OKOK