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Release Date:

July 2016


10.1 Revision 3

What is new?

  • Factory Reset via Web-UI (Maintenance --> Factory Reset)
  • Highest priority for Emergency Calls (if needed an active conversation will be canceled)
  • Maxwell 10 as system phone (No auto-provisioning)
  • Maxwell Basic and Maxwell 3 are not recognized as system phones (No auto-provisioning)
  • Forced password change on first login
  • stabilized Stabilized SIP connections (disconnects are recognized faster)


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  • VoIP - No voice transmission
    When used in a team an analog or an ISDN telephone, an incoming call signalized  correctly, but on accepting the call the voice transmission brakes.
  • VoIP - Account not usable
    When using VoIP clients (eg. A smartphone with VoIP client or a VoIP phone) the VoIP account could be unusable due to a NAT-conflict .
  • VoIP - providers problems
    Specific provider profiles were not displayed correctly or could not be edited or deleted.
  • QoS - No classification of high-PRIORITY-packets
    The internal classification of high-priority packets has been disturbed by an active firewall.
  • QoS - Configuration incorrect
    When using the wizard the QoS configuration was incorrect.
  • SIP - Disconnected
    It may happen that a connection is terminated by call forwarding.
  •  SIP - Wrong format
    Under special conditions, it may happen that an incorrect phone number format has been used.

Known Issues

  • NO auto-provisioning of Maxwell 10
  • NO auto-provisioning of Maxwell Basic and Maxwell 3