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Release status:

November 2016



What's new:

Bugfixes and improvements:

  • SIP User ID and password entry field lenghts enhanced to 74 characters
  • Web Configurator: also in Turkish language
  • Web Configurator: password via provisionig can have up to 20 characters lenght
  • Web Configurator: German translation corrected for "Hold on Transfer Target" to "Halten zum Transfer-Ziel"
  • Swyx: Web configurator now also accepts ##10 as voicemail number
  • Starface PBX and Gigaset T300/500: Registration problem fixed
  • Russia: CLIP problem fixed
  • LDAP: Problem with German special characters fixed
  • LDAP: Number in brackets no longer leads to wrong number dialled
  • Online directory names now displayed correnctly when they contain German or Polish special characters
  • Secure provisioning via https now also possible with larger file sizes
  • DHCP Option 66: If the NVM variable BS_IP_Data1.ucB_USE_DHCP_66_IF_114_NOT_AVAILABLE == 0x01 the "Data server" will be constructed out of DHCP Option 66 concatenated with Option 15.


Known Issues:

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