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Software 2.18.4, October 2017
Bug-fixes and improvements:

  • [Maxwell 3] Export/import local phone-book to USB drive. (USB formatted FAT32)
  • Optimization of Info Screen

  • [XML Phonebook] Possibility to enable/disable auto-lookup
  • Maxwell 3 Request for additional parameters in the 'INFO' menu
  • MWI with and without counter support
  • Direct access via HTTP URL protected with password
  • HTTP authentication via MMI
  • XSI authentication with SIP credentials
  • XSI authentication with HTTP XSI credentials
  • Feature Key Synchronization (Application Server Feature Event Package)
  • Automatic or Manual assignment of Broadsoft BLF keys
  • Call Lists support
  • XSI Phonebooks
  • Call Center agent
  • [Phonebook] Maxwell does not react on PTT button - resolved
  • Second consultation call is not working as expected - resolved
  • Wrong translation on Softkeys in Idle - resolved
  • Maxwell does not obtain IP address - resolved
  • Incorrect name on the calling screen - resolved
  • [Name replacement] Long names are shown incorrect – ‘…’ at the beginning - resolved
  • [LDAP][Display format] Non-configured parameters are replaced by 'givenName' - resolved
  • In a redundant environment BLF doesn't work once is connected to the backup SIP Server - resolved
  • [WebUI] Missing popup "Entry is required" in Quick Dial Keys - resolved
  • No in-band tone for blind transfer - resolved
  • [MWI] Visual Call Notification (LED) - Voicemail - resolved
  • [Doorcall] Problems with doorcall - resolved
  • [EHS] After call there is no audio on Maxwell 3 - resolved
  • FK "Line" when Call waiting is off does not work properly - resolved
  • [PIN] Freezing WebUI after entering Phone PIN - resolved
  • [Conference] [G729] Very low sound quality during conference - resolved
  • [USB] USB headset does not return to idle state after call is terminated - resolved

Software 2.17.6, September 2017
Bug-fixes and improvements:

  • Firmware update, limit the download speed
  • [XML Phonebook] Possibility to enable/disable auto-lookup
  • Maxwell 3: New layout 'INFO' menu, containing more parameters
  • USB headset does not return to idle state after call is terminated
  • USB headset does not return to idle state when call cannot be initiated
  • Maxwell does not obtain IP address
  • [MaxwellBasic] Incorrect display of special characters
  • NetStream - SIP to address country code not handled correctly
  • [Phonebook] Central Navi Key does not start the call
  • Local Directory - sort by surname: unwanted comma
  • [XML] Broken GET request using City Search
  • [Plantronics Calisto] No speechpath from Maxwell
  • SIP waiting time is too short
  • Unattended Transfer isn't performed when done in Call List by picking up receiver
  • "Info" button doesn't work as it should
  • [Extmod][WebUI] FK - "LED colour" radio buttons are visible in Vodafone variant
  • WebUI - Wrong FK's LEDs colours for Vodafone variant
  • Second consultation call is not working as expected
  • [EHS] Second press of Headset Key does not end the calls
  • [Phonebook] Name of the number is not displayed on calling screen
  • The LED for the HF button does not switch off
  • Headset button does not work properly
  • Wrong translation on Softkeys in Idle
  • [EHS Sennheiser] No speech path after making a call from call lists

Software 2.16.6, August 2017
Bug-fixes and improvements:

  • Clear State of Yes/No Switches 
  • BLIND Transfer
  • Distinctive Ringing supporting bellcore ringtones
  • New option to hide/show Diversion info
  • "Select Line" softkey configurable
  • Enhanced "QuickDial" functionality
  • Push Provisioning parameters via SIP Notify
  • Call Volume settings added to PhoneUI menu (Menu/Settings/Audio Settings)

  • Faster return to Idle Screen after "Terminated Call"
  • Settings for"Default Ringtone" added to Menu
  • Display correct PHY settings on Web-UI
  • Apply provisioning parameters via SIP Notify
  • Provisioning after reboot starts seconds after show IDLE display instead of 2 minutes.
  • Contact number counter for directories
  • "Uptime" counter on Status page in Web-UI
  • [Door App] Sending DTMF tones via keypad
  • Quick dial: new call is not initialized after pressing the FK when 'Call ended' screen is still visible on the device - resolved
  • [PhoneUI] Record icon is truncate - resolved
  • [WebUi] No possibility to login to Maxwell WebUI after reboot - resolved
  • Access to empty LDAP directory - resolved
  • Entries in missed calls list starting wit 00 are changed to + - resolved
  • Expansion Module: Long names via provisioning were not set - resolved
  • XML phone-book shows "," in front of searched entries - resolved
  • Audio volume is not set immediately - resolved
  • Problem by displaying two parallel incoming calls - resolved
  • Plantronics Callisto - Bugfixes - resolved
  • Possible to save only CNIP to directory - resolved
  • Incorrect data in screensaver settings - resolved
  • Cutting first second of audio with early media scenario resolved
  • Strange message and incorrect name and number on the screen after blind transfer - resolved
  • SIP via TLS - Registration lost after update and after a while - resolved
  • After attended call transfer Maxwell does not send info "Busy here" - resolved

Software 2.15.9, July 2017
Bug-fixes and improvements:

  • Initial Expansion Module support
  • Speed-up parameters fetching for WebUI in property service
  • Remove Vodafone phone system for Default variant
  • [WebUI] Decrease timeout back to 10s
  • Provisioning IDs for Russian Variant
  • FAC, possibility user to add additional number
  • [Maxwell 3] Function Keys settings on Web-UI improved

  • "No version available" pop-up for automatic firmware update
  • Network settings not stored in "AllSettings.cfg"
  • Auto provisioning via Redirect server accept XML version 1.0 and 1.1 (Direct link to XML file)
  • Red stripe is visible on "Account not registered" screen 
  • Export empty local phonebook gives Internal server error 
  • [Broadsoft] Maxwell sends wrong credentials to server to download configuration file 
  • Factory reset Menu not shown correctly in Danish 
  • Peoplefone IOT- test case Attended Transfer After Answer 200 OK not acknowledged 
  • Door-intercom not working 
  • [LDAP] Select Line state is not reached after Off Hook
  • [Voice Mail] Icon and counter is not shown in Idle 
  • Backlight is not turning off when screensaver is on 

  • Wrong time format on screensaver 
  • Hard keys (Handsfree and Handset) rejected incoming call 
  • Maxwell basic: SIP message on screen - the first letter in the line is cut 
  • Pressing RSK 'Info' during active call freezes Maxwell 
  • [3 SIP Channels][Hybird] Putting down receiver on "Call ended" screen doesn't end a call 
  • [ACC] Action URL doesn't work for programmable keys 
  • [Call Transfer]CTBA - Non-functional key 
  • Ringing melody is played constantly
  • When provisioning DND active the DND light does not turn on 
  • [Web-UI] Error after Restore device settings from PC
  • No speechpath when iLBC codec with 30 ms packet time for RTP is selected
  • [XML phone-book] Three "Net Directories" if save empty directory name
  • Red stripe is visible after screensaver activation
  • [DHCP] Options 3,6 and 15 are requested twice by Maxwell in DHCP Request after boot up
  • Door Intercom not working
  • Date and Time is different on WebUI and PhoneUI in particular case
  • Wrong time server
  • The voicemail notification appears after a few second
  • [LDAP] Numbers are wrong displayed on Select Number screen
  • [LDAP] Can not call from Select Number screen
  • Maxwell was added to T640 / T440 black list during dummy account registration
  • No space character in display name on PhoneUI
  • Wrong icon behind "view" in the call list (redial)
  • [XML phone-book] Incorrect GET request in case of searching city
  • Voice mail counter is not shown in Messages Center
  • Function Key "Line" is not working like expected
  • [Audio Codecs] Respect codec priority set by the user
  • [LDAP] Cannot dial using additional attribute
  • Problem with speech path after switching between EHS headset and hands-free mode
  • [EHS] PTT button doesn't end a call
  • Name replacement doesn't work after call transfer
  • Ringtones "off" setting is reverted after reboot of device

Software 2.14.8, June 2017
Bug-fixes and improvements:

  • Inband tones for outgoing calls
  • Enabling/Disabling automatic firmware update via WEB-UI
  • Device name in network is not queried

  • Update and remove entries for local phonebook import
  • Timing of boot-up confirmation tone
  • [3CX] Maxwell doesn't change update server when NOTIFY was sent without SUBSCRIBE
  • TIAS should be removed from SDP
  • No registration after provisioning - resolved
  • DTMF sending SIP Info does not work - resolved
  • BLF, DND and FAC not working with # and * - resolved
  • Maxwell 3 / EHS Plantronics via headset option does not work - resolved
  • LDAP search not receiving any results in multilevel ldap structures - resolved
  • [NL - TS - BusinessCom] After SIP registration fails, no more tries - resolved
  • Failed subscription retry timer doesn't work after changing phone system - resolved
  • [Vodafone] Wrong phonebook name - resolved
  • [Vodafone] MWI doesn't react to unsubscribed NOTIFY - resolved

  • DTMF numbers are not sent in consultation call - resolved
  • [3CX] Call is still displayed when User B ends call after transfer - resolved
  • Changing ringer volume in Idle does not work - resolved
  • [3CX] If DND is set as FAC it sends wrong data - resolved
  • [SIPS] Maxwell uses UDP after turning SIPS off even though TCP is set as transport protocol - resolved
  • Max basic on wrong time, 1 hour difference with real time - resolved
  • [3CX] HTTPS provisioning not possible - resolved
  • Function key info wiped out - resolved
  • [Netnordic, Helocloud] Maxwell 3B TCP transport disables after reboot - resolved
  • [Broadsoft] Maxwell sends wrong credentials to server to download configuration file

Software 2.13.5, April 2017

Bug-fixes and improvements:


Software 2.12.4, March 2017
Bug-fixes and improvements:

  • AES encryption XML provisioning file
  • Headset - USB phone interface - Plantronics
  • Asynchronous Codec handling
  • tuning of FK "Messages"
  • Message waiting subscribe should not be send
  • Support "+" in dial preparation
  • USB over current detection

  • [PhoneUI] Saving system settings is password protected
  • [PhoneUI] VLAN settings to be displayed and edit in submenu Settings
  • EHS / DHSG support of JABRA
  • [WebUI][Door call] Improve usability of the web page
  • Gradwell MWI support
  • Select Services menu items should be possible to disable
  • Delete Call History using WebUI
  • DHCP options 15/66
  • Codec negotiation goes wrong on hold calls - resolved
  • [Corporate Directory] Display format does not work - resolved
  • [PhoneUI] Message "No entries" is not showing up - resolved
  • [Timer] After Call Transfer Timer shows 23:59:59 on display - resolved
  • [LDAP] Autolookup is not working with second number - resolved
  • [Corporate Directory] Not first sorted entry is selected. Selection starts from B instead of A - resolved
  • Voicemail is played automatically after pressing CK key - resolved
  • Ringtone plays on idle screen - resolved
  • AICC with Call Manager is not working sufficient - resolved
  • [EHS] Conference: no speechpath in special case - resolved
  • [EHS] Headset LED should be switched off - resolved
  • Codec negotiation goes wrong on hold calls - resolved
  • NTP seems to stop after no answer - resolved

Software 2.11.6, February 2017
Bug-fixes and improvements:

  • Added audio Codec G.729 A/B
  • Support of "Event: check-sync;reboot=true"

  • LongPress (LP) functions for keys 1-4 (QuickDial, FAC, ActionURL)
  • Tuned function of FK "DND"
  • Provisioning Timer setup for nightly provisioning (Automatic provisioning between 1 and 4 am (randomly))

  • [PhoneUI] displaying of SIP messages on Maxwell 3
  • [PhoneUI] displaying of SIP messages on Maxwell Basic
  • Distinctive ring improvement to support more platforms
  • [Door Call] No automatic disconnect after Door Opener
  • Possibility to "Transfer" via Softkey during Ringing State
  • Phone System Broadsoft with BLF subscription added
    • 36. BASIC – Codec Renegotiation: Blind Transfer of Call on Hold (P0)
    • 80. SERVICE – Meet-Me Conference (P0)
    • 81. SERVICE – Meet-Me Conference – G722 (P1)
    • 230. REDUN – REGISTER Failover (P1)
  • Event "Registration successful" does not work - resolved
  • Ringtone stops playing after a while - resolved
  • Sometimes there is no possibility to access WebUI after FW update - resolved
  • Maxwell freezes on connecting corded headset (Headset Hardware related) - resolved
  • Kwebbl - SRTP after 200 OK - resolved
  • [Provider 3CX] Call Transfer buggy - resolved
  • IP Connection - SRV+A buggy usage - resolved
  • [Call Divert] There is no possibility to enter phone number while activating Call Divert first time - resolved
  • Codec negotiation fails - resolved

  • Polish character not displayed properly - resolved

Software 1.16.3, January 2017
Bug-fixes and improvements:

  • Unable to perform firmware update due to lack of free space

  • Doubled ringing tone - resolved
  • Provisioning is crashing when xml does not contain versionfield - resolved
  • First global contact is displayed when voicemail is calling - resolved
  • Switching between allow/don't allow packet fragmentation has no influence on HTTP packets - resolved
  • [Broadsoft] Maxwell doesn't switch to inband DTMF when RFC4733 and Audio are set - resolved
  • No information about new voicemail-several voicemail boxes - resolved
  • Wrong voice mail number is shown in Call Divert - resolved
  • Call divert to voicemail is not displayed on the IDLE screen - resolved
  • Maxwell 3 BLF does not show name of the key but phonenumber - resolved

Software 1.15.14, November 2016
Bug-fixes and improvements:

  • Door Station support

  • New layout IDLE screen, text corresponding to the function keys

  • Norwegian language added
  • Switch off back-light in Idle State
  • SWYX Interoperability
  • Acoustic feedback on confirmations
  • SIP Security functionality
  • Initial support of SRTP
  • Conference button does not put active call on hold
  • [T440/640] Enhance XML protocol for Call waiting and Withhold
  • XML directory: use http digest authentication
  • Kwebbl: BLF is deactivated by NOTIFY with Wrong Call ID
  • Open listening in headset mode
  • Translations update
  • Update of Audio settings
  • [XML Interface] Perform Call List Update
  • [XML Interface] Voicemail delete
  • [MWI button]LED still flashes after turn off in WebUI.
  • [Programmable Key] Missing synchronization between LED's state and feature status.
  • [Call State] "No Entries" pop up does not disappear after accessing empty Local Directory in Call State.
  • Sometimes lack of incoming speech-path.
  • Possible to make outgoing call via deactivated VoIP account.
  • Action URL's / Events not working.
  • It is not possible to start a call from local directory using Hands-free button
  • ReINVITEs sent by Max3B contain only 1 codec in SDP.

  • No change audio path renegotiated by 183 Session Progress.
  • UPDATE with redirecting SDP not accepted.
  • DNS-SRV is not done when provisioned.
  • [speechpath] More digits pressed during the call, longer time without speech path when we make a consultation.
  • Device switches to port 5061 because of DNS.
  • DND LED not switched on.
  • Access code is added while dialing from Local Directory in case when option "For net directory" is configured for access code settings".

Software 1.14.6, August 2016
Bug-fixes and improvements:

  •  Automatic Headset Detection
  • CSeq validation can be disabled via provisioning
  • [hybird] self-signed certificate support
  • Adaption of special characters

  • Function Key: CCBS
  • [SWYX Interoperability] MWI for Voicemail
  • [SWYX Interoperability] BLF keys support
  • [ES] Provider LCR COM official released
  • Feature Set
  • Phonebook/directory search with more than 1 letter

  • Syslog Client - increased default log level 
  • Start dialling with Center Key
  • Provisioning: Direct link to XML and firmware file
  • Provisioning: Version Value field is optional
  • Outbound proxy port is used for sending BLF subscribe
  • Play "Ringing" progress tone on receiving SIP message
  • [Maxwell 3] FK BLF - action in active state
  • Directory - sort by first: unwanted comma - resolved
  • NTP client initialization sometimes fail - resolved
  • Key click missing in dial preparation after 2nd digit - resolved
  • Speaker amplifier not switched off - resolved

  • NAT refresh time not working - resolved
  • Maxwell doesn't end call when transefring fails - resolved
  • Missed calls during an active call are not saved on call list - resolved
  • Default connection is not active after configuring - resolved
  • [DTMF] Not all events are send while RFC4733 is used - resolved
  • Provisioning server adress is not saved correctly - resolved
  • '*' key isn't working while adding new entry in local directory after editing - resolved


Software 1.13.6, July 2016
Bug-fixes and improvements:

  • [hybird support] Identify phone system via DHCP Option 43
  • UPDATE PJSIP to v.2.4.5
  • Basic Support of Starface PBX systems (depending on Starface Firmware Release!)
  • PAI / PPI header infos are used for the call list

  • Feature Set
  • [Galilei] Show call forwarding only for CFU on Idle

  • Displayname is used for Call Divert Info message   
  • Default Time zone changed to (GMT+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin
  • Provisioning parameter for XML-interface port
  • Call waiting enabled by default
  • Counting missed / accepted calls
  • BLF is not working behind Centile
  • Screensaver in not deactivated after new voicemail info appears or unplugging ethernet cable
  • Outgoing call switch from UDP to TCP
  • 1st incoming call after reboot – speech path on

  •  All lists of certificates on WebUI are empty, even after rest to default
  • Shortly pressed keys are not recognized
  • EHS headset active/inactive not always in sync with device.