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This guide describes the configuration of Gigaset N510 IP single cell DECT system for operation with 3CX software IP PBX.

This guide, as well as performed interoperability tests are based on following software versions:

  • 3CX version 15 (Onsite / SBC / STUN)
  • N510 IP PRO version 240

This guide assumes that 3CX software is properly installed and running.


Gigaset and 3CX worked together on a provisioning template that is tested with the different 3CX systems (Onsite / SBC / STUN)

3CX settings

Please download the provisioning template here: gigasetN510.fxs.xml

On the 3CX server put the xml file in the directory: /ProgramData/3CX/Instance1/Data/Http/Templates/fxs

Open the web-interface of the 3CX PBX and go to: Dashboard - Services and click on "3CX Event Notification Manager"

Restart the Service to activate the template.

In the 3CX web-interface go to: FXS/DECT and add an FXS/DECT device.

Select the Gigaset N510 and add the MAC address of the N510.

Enter name for Device: Give it an unique name.

Provisioning Method (depends on the installed 3CX PBX, different settings will be set via provisioning):

  • Local LAN (in the office)
  • 3CX SBC (remote)
  • Direct SIP (STUN - remote)

MAC Address: The MAC address of the N510

Extensions: Assign up to 6 extensions to this device.

Gigaset settings:

In the web-interface go to: Settings - management - Firmware Update

Copy the Provisioning link from the 3CX web-interface into the N510 Configuration file URLURL, press Save and restart the N510 to start the provisioning after reboot.

The device is configured via provisioning.


When you make changes on the 3CX platform, the platform will not send a SIP notify to trigger provisioning. You need to start this on the N510 manually, restart the device or wait when the device connects during the night.