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By default, the time-out in the PAP2T for seizing the line is set to 10 seconds. That means, when you enter the number in your (analogue) phone/fax and dial-out, the PAP2T-adapter will wait another 10 seconds for additional digits. Normally this is not necessary, because most devices are using block-dialling-mode.

Question: PAP2T – How can I configure the timeout before dialling?

For example:

- A user has configured a Linksys PAP2T with an analogue telephone behind it.

- The user is dialling a number

- It takes 10 seconds before the user is hearing the dial tone

Workaround: Use a # behind the dialled number to end the time-out directly.

Solution: In the WebUI of the Linksys PAP2T you can change the time-out. Go to Admin-View --> Regional --> Inter-digit Long Timer

Change here the settings from 10 seconds to 1 second (or something in between).

Analogue Gigaset DECT phones are using block-dialing, therefore you can use a timeout-setting of 1 second.