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  • The SIP intercom calls when pressing the bell on internal or external numbers.
    • In general, this should be used as a target call group (ring bell Strategy Group, All), in the example with group number 199th
    • All participants in this group of STARFACE are notified accordingly if you ring the bell at the SIP station.
    • Note: The combination with a functional group with a queue module is not currently supported.


The settings of the phone book within the EntryCom defines the destination numbers within the system STARFACE to be called if such the call button is pressed. There are various settings available here. Below is a simple Standardzenario skiziert.

Normally, the address book entries 1 to 54 are each assigned to a call button at the EntryCom. Unfortunately it is not intuitively obvious which button is assigned which address book entry. Please read the manufacturer's documentation here!

In the example with the IP Door Entry Wantec the only bell of the instrument to the contact 9 is assigned. When you press the call button, the number is called 199.


The settings of the Switch 1 and Switch 2 enables a switching function in the EntryCom DTMF code to activate.

Please select the settings in the "switch settings" to suit your requirements. The code stored in the DTMF code must be added to a final to Gigaset *. The code used here in 5678 is deposited STARFACE as 5678 *.


  • Switch codes
    • 1 Code: 5678
    • 1 Access: Full
    • 1 Time Profile: [not used]


  • Time synchronisation
    • Use NTP server: Yes
    • NTP server address: <STARFACE<Gigaset-IP>

Advanced Settings > SIP Settings