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Embedded Integrator

Virtual Integrator

titleChanging the web configurator password

For security reasons, you should frequently change the password for web configurator access.

There are two user roles with different user IDs, admin and user. The user ID is disabled by default. You can activate it here.

The password is set depending on the user role. The administrator is allowed to change the password for both admin and user. Logged on as user you can only change the password for user.


If you have forgotten the password, you will have to reset the device to the factory settings

New password

  • Enter a new password for the administrator/user access to the web configurator. Default: admin/user

Repeat password

  • Repeat the new password entered in the Repeat password field.

Show password

  • To view the entered characters mark the check box near Show password.

Change password for all Dect Managers

  • Click on the button, if you want the password to be assigned to all DECT managers.

The password can also be set individually for each DECT manager using the web configurator on the DECT manager systems.

Activate user access

  • Click on Yes/No to enable/disable the ID for the user role.

titleEnabling CLI access to the device configuration

Only available in the Integrator user interface.

It is possible to perform the device configuration via CLI (Command Line Interface) using SSH from a remote system. Secure Shell (SSH) is a program for logging into a remote machine and for executing commands on a remote machine. It provides secure encrypted communications
between two untrustworthy hosts over an insecure network.

Activated if password is longer than 7 characters

The CLI access is automatically enabled if you have entered a valid password that has more than seven characters and click on the Set button.

CLI password

  • Enter a password for the administrator access to the configuration via SSH. Value: min. 8, max. 74 characters

Repeat password

  • Repeat the new password entered in the CLI Password (Admin) field.

Show password

  • To view the entered characters mark the check box next to Show password.


The user name for the CLI access is cli

titleLoading the web security certificate

Only available in the Integrator user interface.

The web configurator is protected by SSL/TLS security mechanism. That means that data transfer is encrypted and that the website is identified to be who it claims to be. The Internet browser checks the security certificate to determine that the site is legitimate. The certificate may be
updated from time to time. If a new certificate is available you can download it to your computer or network and then upload it to the device.

  • Click on Browse... next to Web security certificate and select the local certificate file from your computer‘s file system click on Upload . . . the selected certificate file is loaded and added to the certificate lists.
  • If the certificate requires a password, enter it in the Web security password field.
  • Remark: certificate file needs to include private key