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Here we explain how you change a small size system to a medium size system.

Small sized systemMedium sized system

DECT Integrator &

DECT Manager

DECT Base is activatedDECT Base is deactivatedBy deactivating the DECT base on the Integrator/manager you switch from small to medium.
DECT Bases

Maximum: 10

DECT base Integrator/Manager + 9 extra DECT Base only

Maximum: 60
DECT handsetsMaximum: 50Maximum: 250
Parallel calls

Maximum: 10 (< 2.32)

                  20 (>= 2.32)

Maximum: 60

As mentioned above you need to disable the DECT base on the Integrator/Manager to switch from Small to Medium.

This can be done in 2 ways.

  1. Edit the DECT manager and change the Capacity from Small to Medium.
  2. Deactivate the Base station.

If you try to connect the 11th  base-station to a Small system, you will get the message: "System limit has been exceeded"


If you switch from small to medium then:

  • You cannot use the DECT base from the manager anymore, an extra DECT base is then needed to cover this.
  • If you change the device role from Small to Medium and the local base station was synchronization level 1, it will be deactivated. Base stations synchronization needs to be adjusted in order to re-synchronize the system. So first change the levels and then disable the base.