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Software 2.23.0, September 2019

Bug-fixes and improvements:

    • 3 party conference
    • DE-REGISTER SIP account when handset is switched of or out of range
    • DHCP option 66 (HTTP(s) provisioning URL)
    • DECT sync levels increased from 10 to 15
    • DHCP option 51 and 125
    • Auto-provisioning:

      • Parameters without IPUI, like: <param name="SipAccount..AuthName" value="" /> are ignored to speed-up provisioning when sending full provisioning templates with many empty handsets

      • UpdateDectManager procedure can cause that DECT manager can't connect to Integrator
      • Error message should not be shown due to errors in wrong configured parameters as other parameters are accepted
      • Direct link to provisioning file with extension.cfg via redirect is now possible
      • User-agent in HTTP get contains information about Maximum number of handsets allowed
      • Status-page: Direct links to the configuration pages
      • Mobile devices - administration: New icon in DECT column when handset is switched off or out of range (signalling out of range can take up to 3 hours)
      • After changing number of active base stations, Web-interface returns to base station synchronisation list
      • TCP/TLS port SIP destination port 10060 not working. 
    • Broadsoft
      • Improvement for DND, Call Forward Always, Busy and no Answer
      • Call Forward is splitted from one handset menu to 3 menu items
      • XSI phonebook, reverse lookup is now done based on the exact number
    • Central phonebook
      • Special characters not displayed correct
      • URL length increased to 254 characters
    • 3CX
      • Call transfer improvement.
      • CNIP update improvement.
    • LDAP(S) improvements
    • Improved overview if the DECT registration window is open or close
    • DNS failover improvement
    • Add factory reset option / role change when device is Manager + Base
    • N670 can be added to the Virtual Integrator
    • LDAP/XML/XSI phonebooks can be used during call transfer
    • Anonymous calls are not saved in Call Lists
    • NTP too low threshold for Root Dispersion.
    • xHTML "&" sign should not generate error
    • Reboot when ringing HS is switches off
    • uaCSTA, SnapshotDeviceResponse answer is wrong
    • Switching from SRTP to RTP during 1 call 
    • MWI counter update improvement
    • Crashed, when sip-user-id is longer that 19 characters (or uninitialised)
    • First improvements to support NAPTR is implemented. (Official supported in Next release)
Software 2.20, July 2019

Bug-fixes and improvements:

    • SIP options in SIP register header

    • Ghost handsets show display message to "Reset or to Register"

    • Updated German translations

    • Improvements for large systems

    • Improvements for LAN sync

Software 2.17, June 2019

Bug-fixes and improvements:

    • Use Phonebook key to assign to xHTML service

    • Phonebook lookup caching time
    • Performance enhancements for high load and large systems
    • Firmware update via HTTPS using client certificates
    • LAN synchronisation to better deal with weak jitter
    • Security improvement
    • LDAP username does not allow "=" character
    • Call logs that have "-" character inside the CLIP
Software 2.16.2, April 2019

Bug-fixes and improvements:

    • Status page, DECT base if it has "No sync" status will be visible.
    • N870 new role, Integrator only. With one external DECT manager.
    • Firmware update using HTTPS client certificates.
    • Auto provisioning using fixed numbering.
    • Central phonebook
    • Added new PKI Root Certificates
    • Handset export/import improvement.
    • SIP control termination fixed.
    • Provisioning: IPUI using capital letters.
    • Add time stamp to Incident.tar file.
    • CNIP string should utilize all available space on the display.
    • LDAP improvements.
    • Provisioning Improvements
    • Stability improvements
    • User-agent for software download matches the SIP user-agent
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