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MAC.xml version 1.1

We support 2 types of provisioning file. 

  1. Version 1.0
  2. Version 1.1

Here we describe the version 1.1

All information is placed in one XML file:

  • Firmware
  • Settings
  • Custom
provisioning version=1.1
<firmware> </firmware> Firmware file version information and URL to the firmware file.
<nvm> </nvm>Provisioning parameters.

Provisioning example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<provisioning version="1.1" productID="e2">


<!-- If the version is different then the installed version, the update will be started directly after provisioning. (Existing calls will be disconnected) First the DECT manager will update and when ready, the DECT base stations will download the firmware via HTTP from the DECT Manager. The DECT manager is the download source for the base stations. -->

<file version="2.14.0" url="" />



<param name="Telephony.0.ToneScheme" value="Germany"/>

<param name="" value=""/>

<!-- N870 Telephony - Call settings -->
<param name="Telephony.0.CT_ViaRKey" value="1"/>
<param name="Telephony.0.CT_ByOnHook" value="1"/>

<param name="DmGlobal.0.HSIdleDisplay" value="1"/>

<!-- Date and time -->
<param name="DmGlobal.0.NtpServer" value=",,,"/>
<param name="DmGlobal.0.TimeZone" value="Europe/Berlin"/>

<!-- Handset 1 -->
<oper value="029e74a599" name="add_hs">

<param name="hs.RegStatus" value="ToReg"/>


<param name="SipAccount.029e74a599.AuthName" value="1013" />
<param name="SipAccount.029e74a599.AuthPassword" value="1234567" />
<param name="SipAccount.029e74a599.UserName" value="1013" />
<param name="SipAccount.029e74a599.DisplayName" value="1013" />
<param name="SipAccount.029e74a599.ProviderId" value="0" />
<param name="hs.029e74a599.DirectAccessDir" value="0" />
<param name="hs.029e74a599.DECT_AC" value="0000" />

<!-- Handset 2 -->
<oper value="02b6ec8aa5" name="add_hs">

<param name="hs.RegStatus" value="ToReg"/>


<param name="SipAccount.02b6ec8aa5.AuthName" value="1014" />
<param name="SipAccount.02b6ec8aa5.AuthPassword" value="7654321" />
<param name="SipAccount.02b6ec8aa5.UserName" value="1014" />
<param name="SipAccount.02b6ec8aa5.DisplayName" value="1014" />
<param name="SipAccount.02b6ec8aa5.ProviderId" value="0" />
<param name="hs.02b6ec8aa5.DirectAccessDir" value="0" />
<param name="hs.02b6ec8aa5.DECT_AC" value="0000" />

<!-- VoIP Provider 1 settings -->

<param name="SipProvider.0.Name" value="PBX"/>

<!-- General data of your service provider -->

<param name="SipProvider.0.Domain" value=""/>
<param name="SipProvider.0.ProxyServerAddress" value=""/>
<param name="SipProvider.0.ProxyServerPort" value="5060"/>
<param name="SipProvider.0.RegServerAddress" value=""/>
<param name="SipProvider.0.RegServerPort" value="5060"/>
<param name="SipProvider.0.RegServerRefreshTimer" value="180"/>
<param name="SipProvider.0.TransportProtocol" value="1"/>
<param name="SipProvider.0.UseSIPS" value="0"/>
<param name="SipProvider.0.SRTP_Enabled" value="0"/>
<param name="SipProvider.0.AcceptNonSRTPCalls" value="0"/>

<!-- Redundancy -->

<param name="SipProvider.0.DnsQuery" value="0"/>

<!-- Failover Server -->

<param name="SipProvider.0.FailoverServerEnabled" value="0"/>
<param name="SipProvider.0.FailoverServerAddress" value=""/>
<param name="SipProvider.0.FailoverServerPort" value="5060"/>

<!-- Network data of your service provider -->

<param name="SipProvider.0.OutboundProxyMode" value="2"/>
<param name="SipProvider.0.OutboundProxyAddress" value=""/>
<param name="SipProvider.0.OutboundProxyPort" value="5060"/>
<param name="SipProvider.0.MWISubscription" value="0"/>

<!-- Mobile devices - Administration - Online directories - Corporate LDAP -->

<param name="LDAPDir.0.DirName" value="LDAP" />
<param name="Netdir.0.Activated" value="1" />
<param name="LDAPDir.0.ServerURL" value="" />
<param name="LDAPDir.0.ServerPort" value="389" />
<param name="LDAPDir.0.BaseDN" value="dc=pbx,dc=com" />
<param name="LDAPDir.0.UseIndividualCredentials" value="0" />
<param name="LDAPDir.0.Username" value="" />
<param name="LDAPDir.0.Password" value="" />
<param name="LDAPDir.0.StartWithList" value="1" />
<param name="LDAPDir.0.NameFilter" value="(|(cn=%)(sn=%))" />
<param name="LDAPDir.0.NumberFilter" value="(|(telephoneNumber=%)(mobile=%))" />
<param name="LDAPDir.0.DisplayName" value="%sn, %givenName" />
<param name="LDAPDir.0.MaxNrOfSearchEntries" value="50" />
<param name="LDAPDir.0.ItemFN" value="givenName" />
<param name="LDAPDir.0.ItemLN" value="sn" />
<param name="LDAPDir.0.ItemPH" value="homePhone" />
<param name="LDAPDir.0.ItemPO" value="telephoneNumber" />
<param name="LDAPDir.0.ItemPM" value="mobile" />
<param name="LDAPDir.0.ItemEM" value="mail" />
<param name="LDAPDir.0.ItemFX" value="none" />
<param name="LDAPDir.0.ItemCP" value="departmentNumber" />
<param name="LDAPDir.0.ItemST" value="none" />
<param name="LDAPDir.0.ItemCT" value="none" />
<param name="LDAPDir.0.ItemZP" value="none" />
<param name="LDAPDir.0.ItemCO" value="none" />



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